when does someone get a snapchat typing notificatin

When Is Snapchat’s Typing Notification Triggered? Snapchat notifies a user that a person is typing once they tap the text field or are typing in it. Contrary to popular opinion, opening the chat activates the Bitmoji avatar but does not trigger the typing notification.

If you are looking for when does someone get a snapchat typing notificatin then you must check out the given reference guide below to know more.

So basically, go to: Settings → notifications→snapchat After that, turn off “audible notifications,” under “general” off. Edit: People are saying that “Silent notifications” is another category to try if you don’t have “audible notifications” in your settings. Edit 2: if you continue to not be able to find the right notification setting, wait for a “___ is typing” notification, then click and hold it.

You just need to find Snapchat in the list of applications and follow the guide:

  • Open the Settings icon on your Android phone
  • Click on Applications
  • Now find and open Snapchat app
  • Go to Notifications section
  • Toggle the button next to Show notifications option to turn it off
  • Open the Snapchat app and tap your Bitmodzi in the top right corner.
  • Tap the settings icon in the upper left corner.
  • Click on Notifications.
  • Make sure the Enable notifications option is enabled. Also, make sure all the notifications you want to receive are checked.

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