where does snapchat get your quick adds from

Snapchat Quick Adds might be from random people or someone you might know. As we saw earlier, this is Snapchat’s AI Engine doing its work 🙂 #PRO-TIP: Even if you forgot to see who added you in your notification, Tap on the user → You will be able to see ‘added by quick add’ or ‘added by search’.

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On Snapchat, the “Quick Add” section contains a list of other Snapchat users who you might know. In short, it is kind of like Facebook’s “People You May Know” feature. Snapchat’s “Quick Add” list is located in the “Add Friends” section.

There’s a section of random snap users that may have common friends , they must have seen you pop up there and added you , which is a quick add What does “New Contact” from the Quick Add section of Snapchat mean? Meaning you recently just added somebody to your phones list of contacts.

However, this won’t prevent Snapchat from still showing you suggestions for other people you might want to add via the Quick Add feature. This method only prevents your account from popping up on other people’s lists. Note that a friend request sent via Quick Add won’t be blocked by the settings you make in the Contact Me menu.

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