why am i not getting snapchat notifications iphone

This one is easy to miss: It’s possible you aren’t seeing Snapchat notifications because your phone is in Do not disturb mode. On the iPhone, swipe down from the top right of the screen and check the Focus mode. If it says anything other than “Focus,” tap it to enable all notifications.

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How to fix Snapchat notifications?

Top 7 Ways to Fix Snapchat Notifications Not Working on iPhone

  1. Check Notification Settings. If you’re not getting notifications from Snapchat, the first thing you need to check is if the app is allowed to push notifications on your iPhone.
  2. Sign Out and Sign In. Suppose you’re not receiving notifications on Snapchat despite enabling them. …
  3. Enable Background App Refresh. …
  4. Check Focus Settings. …
  5. Clear App Cache. …

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How do you turn off notifications on Snapchat?

How To Enable Do Not Disturb On Snapchat

  1. Launch Snapchat and open the Friends screen by tapping on the chat icon or just by swiping right on the camera screen.
  2. Now, long tap/press on the name of the friend or group for whom you want to silence the notifications.
  3. After that, a pop-up will appear with a list of options, tap on More.
  4. Now, you’ll see a lot of other options. …

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Why my push notification is not working?

  • Open your Apps drawer
  • Locate the affected app.
  • Long press on the app’s icon, then select ‘App info’ from the menu.
  • In the App Info window, tap ‘Notifications’.
  • You’ll see a list of notification option available for the app. …
  • Also, if you click on any notification category, you’ll be able to choose if you want the notification to be alerting or silent.

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