why do i get kicked out of snapchat

Snapchat evaluates reported profiles and content to confirm whether the request is valid or not. Some other actions that can earn you a ban on Snapchat are bullying, threatening other users, violence, and harm.

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If you accidentally change your date of birth to 12 years old or lower, you can also get locked out of Snapchat. Reason 2: Use a third-party app, plug-in, or tweak with Snapchat Snapchat forbid any third-party app, plug-in to access its service.

Snapchat keeps crashing: Check for an update Head over to your device’s app store to see if there’s a Snapchat update. An app update often comes with remedies to glitches and bugs that can solve some of the issues you’re facing with the app and its interface. Snapchat keeps crashing: Delete the app and download it again

PiunikaWeb shares that Snapchat is currently going through some technical difficulties. Users have shared on Twitter that after they installed a new update for the app, Snapchat started to act wonky. As a result, many believe that the recent update is nothing more than a bug that has caused the app to close them out upon opening.

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