why does my snapchat keep getting permanently locked

If your Snapchat account has been locked, it may mean we’ve detected some activity from your account that violates our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines. This is done to keep the app fun and safe for everyone. ⚠️ Important: There are internet scammers who promote fake unlocking services.

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No Snapchat can’t unlock a permanently locked account, but there are 100% chances that Robert Tom Wilfred on Instagram can ( my friend also had this issue before getting it rectified ) Every time I log into a Snapchat account on my phone, it gets permanently locked. Does anyone know why?

The continuous uses of third-party apps will lead to permanently locked account. Also, if you haven’t verify your email address and phone number, verify the information. If Snapchat still won’t let you log in, you can try to unlock your account by visiting Snapchat online.

A Snapchat account may be temporarily or permanently disabled for a variety of reasons. Although Snapchat usually tells users about the cause of the account restriction, there are times when the Snapchat Team locks users’ accounts without providing an explanation. The following are possible explanations for the Snapchat account freeze.

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