why don’t i get the weekday filters on snapchat

In the Manage menu, make sure that the “Filters” option is toggled on. If it is not, just tap on the button to enable the filters. After you toggle the filters on, go back to the main Snapchat window and check whether you can use them.

If you are looking for why don’t i get the weekday filters on snapchat then you must check out the given reference guide below to know more.

Day of the Week filters are very similar to the overlay filters, but they’re all uniquely designed and, depending on your location, will change to say your town or city’s name below. Unlike the plain white design of the clock or temperature, these are cartoonish and fun in design.

With the exception of AR filters, Snapchat’s a two-filter-at-a-time game. There is one other filter trick Snapchat hides from users though, and it’s arguably even cooler than the ability to use two filters at a time.

Every filter is guaranteed approval and accepted by Snapchat. However, the web-based designer allows for more creative freedom, and if you want to get interesting, you should submit your geofilter design through Snapchat’s client. It’s an elegant feature that doesn’t get used enough, and for most events, it’s relatively affordable.

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